The Swan Lake Project

01 / 03

The Swan Lake Project by Rachel Herman-Gabrielli and Aviad Arik Herman

MakeUp Artist:Ido Raphael | Model:Tomericka | Photographer:Rachel Herman-Gabrielli

The Project was an original and exciting art photography exhibition, that perpetuated moments of freedom and courage against all odds.

The project’s name, taken from the dance world, is a metaphor for the romantic bird, which symbolizes for us courage and freedom.

The “Swans" are people who are facing life with physical challenges. From participation in the project and realization of their dream in front of the camera, they made possible a breakthrough in life, let go the limitations and constrains the disease/challenge imposes on them, and thus be brave and free.

The project is the creation of two siblings to the Herman family: 

Aviad Arik, a multidisciplinary artist and Rachel, a photographer. 

In the exhibition we presented works by photographers from  Israel, Australia, France, Sweden, Germany, Italy:

Chen Leopold, Dirk Richard Heidinger, Inbar Gliss Lionel Choukroun, Lior Eldad, Michael Lustig (Mohir), Natisha Shpaner, Nimrod Kapeluto, Rohan Spong, Sebastian Malmström, Simone Ghera, Yair Golov, Yerushalmi Rami and Rachel Herman-Gabrielli.

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